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Pricelist Ice Cream Tray Bellytray Vendor Tray Bellytray

  1. This tray is a compatible one that will fit into your belly without any hassle.
  2. It is crafted in size which is very effective for catering standards. 
  • Using this tray will enable you to get various catering projects done. 
  • However, a belly tray can come in multiple types such as a cutting board for cheese platters or perhaps, a tray for amuse glasses.

There is a waistband, associated with the tray, which enables you to attach eye-catching accessories with your tray, for instance, a sauce bottle, or a tissue box. 

Bellytray Vendor Tray?

  • After all, it’s your business and you have to come up to the public in an attractive way. 
  • Grab a belly tray today to make yourself memorable in the minds of your customers.
  • The most beautiful vendor tray and bellytray?