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Bellytray is versatile presentation equipment that can be used for multiple purposes, i.g promoting a product, catering food or sampling your services. It comes in handy if you want to make your product attention-grabbing to your consumers as the tray is a multifunctional one along with efficient and hygienic design.

  1. This tray is a compatible one that will fit into your belly without any hassle. It is crafted in the size which is very effective for catering standards. 
  2. Using this tray will enable you to get various catering projects done. However, bellytray can come in multiple types such as a cutting board for cheese platters or perhaps, a tray for amuse glasses.

When it comes to catering, bellytray is a must for you. It will help you to have increased conversion and demand for your business as you can creatively cater your live cooking or present a fresh product to your consumers. After all, it’s your business and you have to come up to the public in an attractive way. Grab a belly tray today to make yourself memorable in the minds of your customers.

 There is a waistband, associated with the tray, which enables you to attach eye-catching accessories with your tray, for instance, a sauce bottle, or a tissue box.