Promotions Bag

Don't be afraid to challenge us! You have a message? We will find the right ambient and vendor´s tray promotional advertising media for your target group and implement your promotion campaign. We advise and accompany you from the idea generation to the production processes of the promotion media and give-aways to the Ambient Media campaign implementation on site. We offer you advertising media and special implementations of every kind and look forward to the challenge of placing and presenting your message in the most attention-grabbing way possible. There are hardly any limits to the possibilities! Of course, you can also order only the production from us and distribute the promotional items yourself.

Promo bag for mobile distribution of samples from the food/non-food sector, as well as suitable for many other occasions.

With the models the flexibility in the event catering was prescribed.

Promo bag shoulder bag - An individually designable bag made of robust truck tarpaulin

Take off with your message! The belly stores filled with food float above the heads of passers-by and are thus visible everywhere from afar and are sure to make an outstanding impression.
  • Dimensions: W 40 x H 30 x D 12 cm
  • Standard color: Silver - Material truck tarpaulin
  • Net useful capacity: approx. 12 litres
With the new portable hawking tray your promotion becomes digital! Have commercials and moving images of any kind delivered directly to your target group. While annoyed viewers simply switch to commercials, we play your commercials in the direct living environment of the target group: in the pedestrian zone, at the train station, in the shopping center, at the university or in front of a trade fair. Human, walking advertising screens are not seen every day. That's why Rocketpacks always stand out wherever they go - even in larger crowds Wichita.

Rocketpacks seller tray is a passionate branding specialist who has a wealth of enjoyment and knowledge offering clients nationally.

Selfies are all the rage! That's why the mobile photo tray booth with full branding magically attracts crowds and steers customers and visitors directly to your message, event or business. Give your target audience the opportunity belly tray to spontaneously capture a memory. The printout is a personalized giveaway that will remind consumers of the day even years down the road, and with every glance at the photo, your message will be permanently embedded in their memory.

We supply a large variety of merchandise to develop sales, build loyalty, encourage a particular motion, develop manufacturers and reward personnel and friends.

Custom colorings & branding?

We satisfaction ourselves on our creative wondering and our patron care.

  • Weight (empty): approx. 0.8 kg
  • Visible film for an advertising insert  
  • Advertising space front/hinged cover H 25 x W 38 cm