Made in Germany by Rocketpacks

Ice Cream Vendor Tray - Thermo-insulated

  • For hot & cold products
  • Ice belly tray shop includes sliding lid & 4-point belt
  • front foil L64 x H 17 cm (inside L 58,5 x 16,5 cm)
  • For the sale of ice cream, drinks, etc. 
  • Also suitable for warm products.
  • The possibilities are multiple and have a Neutral design.
  • Model made of easy-care plastic. 
  • With double-wall insulation, especially for ice cream products.
  • Ergonomic design, with padded, adjustable strap construction.
  • The insulation provides effective insulation for a cool temperature sliding lid and two separate compartments.
  • Mobile selling and promotion of can beverages (PET bottles etc.) snack merchandising items.
  • The sliding lid enables quick open and close to maintain the original temperature and taste and ensures quality.
  • Capacity is approx. 29 litres
  • The large adjustment range of the carrying strap, comfortable shoulder pad.
  • Cold stays cold longer and hot stays hot longer.

Ice Cream Vending Box

  • Ergonomically designed vendor's tray model, double-walled with foam material panels for better insulation.
  • Equipped with a 4-point shoulder strap system.
  • A practical sliding lid (removable), prevents rapid temperature loss in the interior and ensures optimum handling.
  • Ideal for Ice-Cream and frozen products!

Product Features / Technical Data?

  1. Material: PE Plastic    
  2. Standard Color: White  
  3. Dimension outside: L 60 x H 22,5 x D 33 cm  
  4. Dimension inside: L 55 x H 19,5 x D 29 cm  
  5. Advertising Surface (front): can be decorated with stickers or the  Foil-Bag  
  6. Weight (unfilled): 3,4 Kg  
  7. Net Volume: 31 Liter 
  8. Ice-Cream-Tray incl. sliding lid & 4-point strap 
  9. Foil-Bag (advertising surface: L 58,5x H 16,5 cm)

Rocketpacks Ice Vendor Tray Video

  • This is the brand new ice cream sale box from Rocket Packs.
  • Distribute fresh Fruit Cups, Ice Cream, or Ice Cold Drinks.
  • The double insulation wall keeps your products cool for a long time.
  • Your products can be easily removed through the disc lid.
  • The material of this product consists of very stable plastic and can be cleaned residue-free.  
  • Mobile ice cream vendor`s Tray

Ice Hawker Tray Video

  • With the Ice hawker's tray, you make mobile sales very easy and reach your customers even in places where you cannot reach with your sales stand due to legal regulations or uneven paths.
  • If your stand is located, for example, on a promenade or in a park, you can hang this vendor's tray around your neck and also walk along the beach or meadows to offer delicious ice cream to people relaxing in the sun.
  •  For Ice Cream Vendor!
  • Vendor's tray is made of easy-care white plastic.
  • Its double-wall insulation guarantees the cooling of ice cream products. 

Can also be used to sell other products, with or without sliding lid?

For events, beach or Cinema!
  • Made of easy-care plastic with double-wall insulation especially for ice cream products.
  • Colour: white.
  • Ergonomic design with adjustable belt construction and a double sliding lid.
  • A double sliding lid allows quick access. 
  • Thanks to an adjustable strap construction, the hawker's tray adapts to any carrier.