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Deep-drawn tray-shaped robust and break-stable belly-load, millions of passengers and thousands of motorists daily form the target group of your food advertising as well as beverage advertising. Placed on the rear surface, your advertising message becomes the focus of countless waiting and consequently interested people in your target area.
  • For hot & cold products
  • Ice belly tray shop includes sliding lid & 4-point belt
  • front foil L64 x H 17 cm (inside L 58,5 x 16,5 cm)
The exterior surfaces of buses and trains can be used ideally and in a variety of ways as advertising space. How about the Rocketpacks, for example? Attached in a variety of places, the advertising has an impact on countless people every day.
  • For the sale of ice cream, drinks, etc. 
  • Also suitable for warm products.
  • The possibilities are multiple and have a Neutral design.
Adjustable textile carrying strap with shoulder pad? For those whose sales are mainly about presence in the cityscape, Rocketpacks portable vendor tray can be used to remind their target group. The standardized rectangles are attached as adhesive foil to traýs of the public transport network and roll through your desired region. This makes them particularly suitable as transport advertising for seasonal or short-term promotions, product offers or events.
  • Model made of easy-care plastic. 
  • With double-wall insulation, especially for ice cream products.
  • Ergonomic design, with padded, adjustable strap construction.
Inner surfaces for separate opening and filling? The tray or hawkingtray is an extremely efficient advertising medium on buses and trains in urban and regional transport. Often attached to the upper inside of the window, the side window posters are located exactly at eye level of your target group and thus generate a high level of attention. With a dwell time of between a few minutes and hours, your advertising message is viewed for an enormously long time, making it even more likely that your desired customers will be convinced by you.
  • The insulation provides effective insulation for a cool temperature sliding lid and two separate compartments.
  • Mobile selling and promotion of can beverages (PET bottles etc.) snack merchandising items.
Width: 59 cm Depth: 37 cm Height: 22 cm Weight: 2.7 kg Branding area: 60 x 20! Indoor posters and DIN A4 posters for catering and trains are a versatile advertising medium. The interior posters of catering advertising or railroad advertising are perceived particularly intensively by your target group due to long travel times. People on their way to school, work, university, shopping food and beverage or leisure activities encounter your advertising message and show a high willingness to interact due to the waiting situation Las Vegas.
  • The sliding lid enables quick open and close to maintain the original temperature and taste and ensures quality.
  • Capacity is approx. 29 litres
Simply load with chilled drinks and ice. Can complement our drinks backpack systems? Under are understood double-sided printed advertising tags. They are hung on the bus and train stops inside the vehicle and are virtually impossible to miss. Most passengers perceive Rocketpacks icream vendor extremely appealing, as they are often provided with voucher codes and may be taken along. At home, the information can then be reread and processed in a relaxed environment.
  • The large adjustment range of the carrying strap, comfortable shoulder pad.
  • Cold stays cold longer and hot stays hot longer.
Refreshingly cool ice vendor tray filled with an assortment of frosty delights.
  • Our ice cream vendor tray is perfect for any occasion, from a summer BBQ to a special birthday celebration. 
  • Stop by today and try our delicious ice cream!
  • Your products can be easily removed through the disc lid.
  • The material of this product consists of very stable plastic and can be cleaned residue-free.  
  • Large crowds, an exuberant atmosphere, interested and icecream-ready customers and your advertising right in the middle. With our ambient media, you can conquer the catering industry and other events with your advertising message. Whether coaster advertising, mirror stickers or toilet posters - ambient marketing meets high acceptance and sympathy in Miami in the gastronomy and entertainment industry.

    Ice Cream Vending Box

    • Ergonomically designed vendor's tray model, double-walled with foam material panels for better insulation.
    • Equipped with a 4-point shoulder strap system.
    • A practical sliding lid (removable), prevents rapid temperature loss in the interior and ensures optimum handling.
    • Ideal for Ice-Cream and frozen products!
    Suitable advertising environments for ambient media in the hospitality industry include restaurants, bars, discos, and pubs. These offer a highly frequented environment and great Rocketpacks potential for a target group-oriented advertising message. In addition, the gastronomy sector is divided into scenes and price classes. With placement in the right areas, your ambient marketing will reach only those target groups that really belong to your desired customers. Target group accuracy is no longer a problem with ambient media in the restaurant industry as well as at events in Atlanta, but a great opportunity.
    1. Product Features / Technical Data!
    2. Material: PE Plastic    
    3. Standard Color: White  
    4. Dimension outside: L 60 x H 22,5 x D 33 cm  
    5. Dimension inside: L 55 x H 19,5 x D 29 cm  
    6. Advertising Surface (front): can be decorated with stickers or the  Foil-Bag  
    7. Weight (unfilled): 3,4 Kg  
    8. Net Volume: 31 Liter 
    9. Ice-Cream-Tray incl. sliding lid & 4-point strap 
    10. Foil-Bag (advertising surface: L 58,5x H 16,5 cm)

    Ice Vendor Tray - Rocketpacks

    Ice Vendor Tray Our top seller. The multifunctional plastic vendor tray can be equipped with numerous accessories and can be used in many ways....
    • This is the brand new ice cream sale box from Rocket Packs.
    • Distribute fresh Fruit Cups, Ice Cream, or Ice Cold Drinks.
    • The double insulation wall keeps your products cool for a long time.
    Sales promotions are usually temporary activities designed to increase sales directly. Sales promotions can be aimed directly at the customer, but can also involve intermediary retailers (special promotions, training of sales staff / customer advisors) or the Winnipeg company's own sales staff ("salesperson of the month"). In contrast to advertising, which often only has a medium to long-term effect, sales promotion is geared to "quick sales"; the customer is to be persuaded to make an immediate purchase at the ice-cream point of sale (Pos), e.g. in the supermarket, by means of a special presentation of the merchandise, a reduced promotional price or a volume discount ("3 for 2") or similar.
    With the Ice hawker's tray, you make mobile sales very easy and reach your customers even in places where you cannot reach with your sales stand due to legal regulations or uneven paths.
    1.  Serving Happiness on the Go!
    2. Watch our Ice Cream Girl video!
    3. Premium Quality?
    4. Victory Celebration!
    5. Mobile Happiness?
    6. Joyful Interactions!
    7. Our Ice Cream Girl!
    Ambient media in Pittsburgh is a big win for advertisers, especially in the hospitality industry and at events. More than 35 million potential customers between the ages of 15 and 50 like to party or go out with friends. - For many, the optimal Rocketpacks target group! But this audience is often not so easy to reach with traditional media.

    Can also be used to sell other products, with or without sliding lid?

    For events, beach or cinema!
    Get your advertising noticed on mobile hawking tray advertising mediums with full or partial foiling for millions of daily users.
    • Made of easy-care plastic with double-wall insulation especially for ice cream products.
    • Colour: white.
    • Ergonomic design with adjustable belt construction and a double sliding lid.
    Placed on the rear surface, your advertising message becomes the focus of countless waiting and consequently cold beer interested people in your target area.
    • A double sliding lid allows quick access. 
    • Mobile ice cream vendor`s Tray
    • Thanks to an adjustable strap construction, the hawker's tray adapts to any carrier.

    If your stand is located, for example, on a promenade or in a park, you can hang this vendor's tray around your neck and also walk along the beach or meadows to offer delicious ice cream to people relaxing in the sun.

    Successful Rocketpacks sales promotion also brings problems with it: if, for example, a jam manufacturer has increased its sales through promotions, this can be at the expense of substitute products (honey, nut nougat cream) or at the expense of the competition's jams (a favorable promotion price invites customers to switch to the company's own brand), but it can also affect the company's own subsequent sales (the domestic jam shelf is full with favorable promotion packs, and supplies will not be needed again for another year). ALTERNATIVE TERMS: Florida Ice sales promotion, PoS marketing, sales promotion, sales promotion measures, sales promotion.
  • Welcome to the Best Ice Cream Vendor Tray Around!
  • Our delicious ice cream is made with the freshest ingredients and is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.
  • We offer a variety of flavors, from classic favorites to unique creations, so you can find something for everyon.
  • Ice Vendor Tray

    Our top seller can be equipped with numerous accessories and can be used in many ways...
    • Increase your versatile hawking  Ice cream back potency.
    • Conversation to our people about your vendor tray.
    • Craving ice cream at the stadium?
    • Discover our delightful ice cream offerings at the stadium's premier vendor.
    • Beat the heat and elevate your game day experience!
    • Indulge in a delectable ice cream treat while cheering for your favorite team at the stadium! 
    • Our stadium ice cream vendor brings you a selection of mouthwatering frozen delights that are perfect for keeping you cool and satisfied throughout the game.
    Quick and Friendly Service: Our attentive staff is dedicated to providing you with quick and friendly service, ensuring you get back to your seat with your ice cream in hand promptly.
    1. Why Choose Our Stadium Ice Cream Vendor?
    2. Wide Array of Flavors: From classic vanilla and rich chocolate to exotic fruit flavors, our stadium ice cream vendor offers a diverse range of options to cater to every palate.
    3. Premium Quality: We believe in serving only the best.
    4. Our ice cream tray is made from premium ingredients, ensuring a creamy texture and delicious taste that's second to none.
    5. Convenient Locations: You won't have to go far to satisfy your ice cream craving.
    6. Our strategically placed vendors make it easy to grab a cone without missing a moment of the action.
    7. Family-Friendly Treat: Ice cream is a favorite treat for all ages.
    8. Treat your family and friends to a delightful dessert that adds an extra layer of enjoyment to the stadium experience.
    9. Beat the Heat: No need to worry about the sun's rays.
    10. Enjoy a refreshing ice cream that helps you stay cool and refreshed as you immerse yourself in the excitement of the game.
    Whether it's the roar of the crowd or the thrill of the game, enhance your stadium experience with a delectable ice cream treat from our dedicated vendor.
    • Ice Cream Delights Tailored to Your Game Day
    • Half-Time Happiness: Take advantage of half-time to savor a sweet treat that reenergizes you for the rest of the game.
    • Victory Celebration: What better way to celebrate a victory than with a scoop of your favorite ice cream?
    • Join in the post-game festivities with a satisfying dessert.
    • Family Outings: Make a family day out at the stadium even more special with a stop at our ice cream vendor tray.
    • Treat your loved ones to a memorable experience.
    • Date Night Twist: Add a touch of sweetness to your stadium date night.
    • Share a cone of your favorite flavor and create lasting memories.
    • Elevate Your Stadium Experience with Ice Cream Bliss
    • From classic flavors to unique creations, we have something for everyone.
    • Visit our stadium ice cream vendor tray and make your game day even more unforgettable!
    Ice Cream Vendor Tray: A tempting array of frozen delights in a convenient and stylish serving tray. Ice Cream Vendor Tray: Indulge in Sweet Delights with Our Stylish Frozen Treat Presentation!

    Indulge in a world of frozen delights with our Ice Cream vendor tray video!

    • 🍦🎥 Step into the sweet symphony of scoops and swirls as we take you behind the scenes of our ice cream wonderland.
    • 🌈 Flavors Galore: Discover a rainbow of flavors that will tickle your taste buds and transport you to dessert paradise. From classic vanilla to exotic fruit fusions, our ice cream seller brings a variety that caters to every craving.
    • 🕰️ Timeless Tradition: Join us on a journey through time as we showcase the artistry and passion that goes into each cone and cup. Our skilled ice cream tray seller transforms simple ingredients into frozen masterpieces, preserving the timeless joy of ice cream.
    • 🚚 Mobile Happiness: Whether it's a sunny day at the park or a bustling city street, our mobile ice cream seller brings joy to you! Catch a glimpse of our colorful cart rolling through the streets, spreading the magic of ice cream wherever it goes.
    • 👨‍🍳 Crafted with Love: Behind every delightful swirl is a story of craftsmanship and love. Our video captures the dedication of our ice cream seller, whose passion for creating frozen bliss shines through in every delectable treat.

    Get ready to savor the sweetness! Watch our Ice Cream vendor tray video and immerse yourself in the enchanting world of frozen delights. 🍨✨ 

    Ice cream vendor tray showcasing a tempting assortment of frozen delights in a stylish presentation.

    🎪 Amidst the Thrills: As the rides whirl and laughter echoes, our Ice Cream Girl navigates through the lively atmosphere, delivering smiles with every frozen treat.

    Her presence adds an extra layer of delight to the already thrilling ambiance of the amusement park.

    🍨 Serving Happiness on the Go: With her charming cart in tow, our Ice Cream Tray Girl takes the sweetness to the people.

    Whether it's families enjoying a day out or friends exploring the park, she brings the magic of ice cream right to your fingertips.

    👧 Joyful Interactions: Discover the heartwarming moments as kids and adults alike eagerly approach the cart, eyes lighting up at the sight of their favorite flavors.

    Our Ice Cream Girl not only serves ice cream but also creates cherished memories.

    🎥 A Day in the Park: Immerse yourself in the lively scenes of our video, capturing the essence of a day at the amusement park with the Ice Cream Girl. 

    It's not just about treats; it's a celebration of joy, laughter, and the simple pleasures of life.

    Join us for a virtual stroll through the amusement park and let the sweetness unfold. 

    Watch our Ice Cream Girl video for a delightful experience that captures the spirit of fun and flavor! 🎡🍭