Made in Germany by Rocketpacks

Bellytray Belly Tray

Rocketpacks' first-ever and improved carrying construction ensures even load distribution on the back and shoulders.

Bellytray is suitable for hot and cold drinks, as well as for various small items such as.

  • Rectangular belly tray with insulation for various small articles from the food or non-food sector.
  • Equipped with two-room dividers and two outside pockets, as well as pockets for advertising inserts.
  • Padded straps with a hip belt, individually adjustable.
  • Ergonomically designed carrying straps guarantee maximum wearing comfort through individual body adaptation.
  • Both side pockets, the front side, as well as one of the hinged lids, is provided with a transparent cover and can be designed individually: e.g.
  • Company logo, club logo, advertising slogan, prices, etc.
  1. Large capacity model, rectangular, for a wide range of applications.
  2. Removable hinged lid, padded belt construction in the back crosswise, two side pockets on the outside.
  • The best-selling classic belly tray is ideal for tasting and sales activities? 
  •  The Front, side of the belly tray pocket, and one hinged lid flexible on the inside/outside can be decorated for advertising purposes!

BT4001 - BellyTray Classik

  • High-capacity belly tray, thermo-insulated, for a  wide range of applications.  
  • High-quality materials and workmanship ensure stability and durability.  
  • Practical, robust with thermal insulation, suitable for the sale of hot and cold drinks or the delivery of all kinds of products such as giveaways, flyers, etc.
  • Ice cream, drinks, tobacco products, cigarettes, sweets, ice confectionery, toys, encore items, giveaways, etc.

Rocketpacks Belly Tray Video

  • Equipped with two-room dividers or 24-hole insert and two outside pockets, as well as pockets for advertising inserts.
  • The two hinged lids are zippered and removable
  • The two hinged lids are zippered and removable?
  •  If required, it can be used with the beverage backpacks!   

Rocketpacks Bellytray Video

  • Removable lift-up lid, shoulder belt system with adjustable shoulder pad in the back crosswise, ensure highest wearing comfort.
  • With two side pockets outside for service accessories or money poach.

Material of Bellytray!

Particularly suitable for use with 500 ml cans &  bottles!
  • The front and lid (inside) can be decorated for advertising purposes.  
  • When using the Tray with lid also Suitable for distribution of Ice Cream products.  

Bellytray for the bachelor party!