Vending Tray

We advocate the clever sales systems, especially for fairs, the bachelor party and other events.
  • Flexible use made of solid plastic - incl. 4-point harness:
  • 16-hole insert (hole Ø 75mm):
  • Partition walls (set of 3)
  • Front foil L63.5 x H16.5 cm (inside L59 x H 16.5 cm)
With the Vendor Rocketpacks presents the latest product development in the category Vendor systems.
  • Standard color? Black
  • Material: plastic
  • Net useful capacity: approx. 20 litres
  • Weight (empty): 2,5 Kg (incl. inserts)
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  • Very light in net weight.
  • Shoulder strap adjustable and padded.
  • Cooling of the goods by ice cubes possible!
The special features of this plastic model are its low weight.

The front can be decorated for advertising purposes: e.g. with stickers (max. H 12 x W 58 cm)

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  • Material ABS Stackable Break-resistant Shell shape
  • With 3 inner surfaces for separate filling
  •  Various variable deposits.
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  • Deep-drawn bowl shape.
  • Adjustable textile shoulder strap with shoulder pad.
Whether on the fuselage side or rear surface - Attached to a wide variety of vendor Drink to By locations, the bus and train advertising Traffic Board has an impact on countless people every day.
With this vending tray with a strap, you may keep away from the inconvenience of spilled drinks and damage.
The cost-effective variant for your presence in the Rocketpacks. The Traffic Point of Sale banner Catering Beverage Dispenser Backpack and tray in standardized rectangular format in London.
Have an ergonomic carrying system and ensure maximum wearing comfort with high advertising effectiveness Vending Tray
The side window poster is placed exactly at the eye level of passengers on the upper inside of Human 2 human Marketing the window in buses & trains, in Kansascity
A Rocketpack features a seamless design that prevents liquids from seeping through while allowing quick cleaning.
Interior posters as well as DIN A4 posters in buses & trains, presentation of vending goods at the POS are perceived particularly intensively and accordingly for a long time due to long travel times in Seeworld San Antonio.
  1. Vendor Tray incl. 4-point strap 
  2.  16-hole Insert  
  3. Separators (Set of 3 pcs)
  4. Foil-Bag (advertising surface: L 58,5x H 16,5 cm)  
Swing Cards are double-sided printed advertising tags that are hung on the bus On pack Promotion and train stops Kentucky.
  • With this vending tray beverage carrier 16-hole insert you can transport beverages easily and efficiently through your stadium!
  • This insulated tray is designed to hold (16) cups simultaneously.

Vending Trays

Vending trays Signage space. The perfect advertising presentation and guaranteed high attention is guaranteed by the adaptable advertising surface on the front...
  • Increase the quality of your event by bringing the drinks to your visitors.
  • We supply a complete package with mobile dispensing equipment.
  • The Door Cover means the individual door foiling of a cab for beverage advertising purposes Backpack Drink Dispenser Rocetpacks. Door covers exist in different sizes and formats and attract attention New York.

    Vending Tray

    1. Product Features / Technical Data?
    2. Material: PE Plastic 
    3. Standard Color: Black 
    4. Dimension outside: L 60 x H 18 x  D 33 cm 
    5. Dimension inside: L 55,5 x H 17,5 x  D 29 cm 
    Roof advertising on cabs works! Due to their Coffee To Go eye-catching design and mobility, the roof signs are perceived positively and achieve high coverage in Melbourne.
    • Ergonomically designed vendor's tray model, made of easy-care plastic, very light in its weight.
    • Equipped with a 4-point shoulder strap system.
    • Distribute drinks, snacks, etc... quickly and easily in large crowds.
    • The material of this product consists of very stable plastic and can be cleaned residue-free.

    Portable Vending Tray?

    • Cooling of the goods by ice cubes possible!
    • Flexible applicable Vending Tray made of all-plastic
    In the business-to-business (B2B) sector, personal selling is also often referred to as key account management: the important (major) customers are given a direct contact person who is responsible for them in all matters. One advantage of personal Rocketpacks ice cream sales is direct communication - not only from the seller to the buyer, but also vice versa. The tray salesperson becomes aware of needs, wishes, problems, etc., and the company can incorporate this knowledge into its products and service. Objections and unanswered questions from the customer, which might make him doubt the purchase on his own, can be cleared up directly. If the salesperson is perceived as good on Liverpool and competent, this increases customer loyalty.
  • Vending Tray: Get Your Snacks and Drinks On the Go!
  • Are you looking for a convenient way to get snacks and drinks on the go?
  • Look no further than a vending tray!
  • Vending trays are a great way to get your favorite snacks and drinks quickly and easily.
  • With a vending tray, you can get your favorite snacks and drinks without having to wait in line or worry about running out of supplies.
  • Plus, you can take your snacks and drinks with you wherever you go!
  • Get your snacks and drinks on the go with a vending tray today!
  • Advertising Surface (front): 
  • Can be decorated with stickers or the Foil-Bag  
     Weight (unfilled): 2,3 Kg 
  • Net Volume: 28 Liter 
  • Quench Your Thirst Anywhere with Portable Beverage Vending tray at Shopping Malls

    Stay hydrated and energized during your shopping spree with our innovative portable beverage vending tray services at shopping malls. We bring you a hassle-free way to enjoy a wide range of refreshing drinks while you explore the latest trends and deals.

    Why Choose Our Portable Beverage Vending at Shopping Malls?

    1. On-the-Go Convenience: Don't let thirst slow you down. Our portable beverage vending stations are strategically placed throughout the mall, ensuring you can grab a drink whenever you need it.

    2. Variety of Choices: From chilled water and energy drinks to flavored teas and fruit juices, we offer a diverse selection of beverages to suit your taste and preferences.

    3. Quick and Easy Transactions: No need to wait in line. Our user-friendly vending machines allow you to make quick and seamless transactions, so you can get back to shopping in no time.

    4. Quality and Freshness: We prioritize the quality and freshness of our beverages. Each drink is carefully stored and maintained to guarantee a delightful and satisfying sip every time.

    5. Ideal for Families: Shopping with the family? Our portable beverage vending ensures that everyone stays hydrated, making your shopping excursion a comfortable and enjoyable experience for all.

    6. Accessible Hydration: Whether you're exploring the mall's various levels or browsing multiple stores, our portable beverage vending tray stations are conveniently located for easy access.

    mobile beer vendor equipment

    Elevate Your Shopping Experience with Portable Refreshment

    • Retail Therapy Revived: Enhance your retail therapy sessions by staying refreshed and revitalized throughout your shopping journey.

    • Shopping Break Bliss: Take a well-deserved break from browsing and enjoy a cool drink to recharge your energy for more shopping.

    • Instant Relief: Beat the shopping fatigue by quenching your thirst with a cold beverage that renews your enthusiasm.

    • Shopping with Friends: Share a drink with your shopping buddies and make the experience even more enjoyable and memorable.

    Shop and Sip with Ease

    Discover a new level of convenience and enjoyment with our Rocketpacks portable beverage vending tray solutions at shopping malls. 

    No matter what you're shopping for, ensure you're well-hydrated and ready to explore every corner of the mall. 

    Visit our vending stations and elevate your shopping experience today!