Maximum reach and efficiency for your e-commerce marketing. Optimize your product marketing and tap into new buyer groups. High-profile placements on key bellytray marketplaces and shopping portals round out your e-commerce presence. Address millions of potential customers with concrete purchase intent in the most important price search engines today. More than just moving images, emotion meets reach. Create a credible brand image with video advertising and anchor your brand in the minds of your target group. We identify relevant, high-reach websites, trigger viral processes in social networks, and so on, and ensure positive image effects. Create brand awareness among your vendor target customers with video advertising from PERFORMANCE ONE DIALOG.
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On Street Marketing puts your advertising message in the public eye in an unconventional way. The ambient media meet your customers on the street and specifically ice cream in their public or leisure life.

I would like to buy several vendor trays  to offer this service at corporate events and trade fairs that take place in different cities in the country.

How many hours does the milk stay warm at 65 degrees Celsius in the keg barrel?

Could you please send me the updated price list for your company's products that can be used to sell coffee with milk and hot black coffee in the morning and beer and Cola in the evening?
  • What is the thickness of the Cornelius barrels in millimeters?
  • (I ask this question because I will sell hot products and the thickness of the barrels is important for calculating the temperature. 
Good promotional giveaways are characterized by high everyday utility, positive associations, durability and, of course, memorable design. When choosing your festival giveaways, for example, think about how you can meaningfully meet the needs of festival-goers. For example, in consultation with festival management, serve refreshing drinks in paper cups printed with your logo: you're sure to find plenty of grateful takers at most summer festivals. Or hand out bonus cards and thus direct festival hawker visitors to your business location or website. Custom printed tote bags can also be a useful gift
  •  How many hours does the coffee stay warm at 90 degrees Celsius in the tray?
  • That's why I need backpacks and hawker trays or equipment with which I can sell.
  • I would appreciate your help with the following 9 points!
People prefer to receive gifts personally. The appreciation of your festival giveaways is therefore significantly increased by the personal contact and the cordial handover. A little small talk, a friendly greeting and a nice gesture also go down well with open-minded festival visitors. With the right combination of bellytray appropriately selected advertising materials and an open-minded, direct approach to customers, you can build up a positive corporate image through festival marketing.
  1. What is the inner and outer diameter of the tube that dispenses coffee and milk?
  2. (I ask this question because I will be selling hot products and the thickness of the tubes is important for calculating the temperature variation).
  • The insulators of the barrels, the insulators of the tubes, and the insulators of the vendor tray? 
  •   (I ask this question because I will sell hot products and the thickness of the barrels is important for calculating the temperature variations).

Leave a lasting impression with tastes with tastings?

  • I will sell a hot latte and I have to heat the milk to 65 degrees Celsius (149 F) and the coffee to 95 degrees Celsius (203 F).
  •  What are the thermal insulation materials.
  • This requires a comprehensive concept, which we create in close cooperation with you. 
  • We combine your goals with our know-how and create, from the initial idea to the detailed elaboration, a customized hawking tray campaign that ensures your success.
  • Free product samples - an effective sales promotion tool? Free product samples are a welcome incentive to test a product. A nice encounter and an ambience characterized by feel-good moments make it appear in a positive light. This increases the incentive to actually buy the product later. Sampling can be very well supported by other activities, such as competitions. The public is particularly open to such marketing strategies at trade fairs and markets, but free samples are also gladly accepted as a welcome change directly in the store. Sampling promotion is particularly popular for beverages, food and cosmetic products.
    • Would like the same hawkink tray equipment in the morning and at night, so these teams must have this double function!
    • Food and drinks: You can sell food and drinks such as popcorn, hot dogs, soda, water, and beer. You can also sell snacks like chips, candy bars, and peanuts.
    • Souvenirs: You can sell souvenirs such as hats, t-shirts, keychains, and other items that people might want to buy at an event.
    • Programs: You can sell programs for the event that people might want to keep as a souvenir.
    • Photos: You can take photos of people at the event and sell them as souvenirs.
    • Games: You can sell games that people can play at the event such as ring toss or balloon darts.
    • Sporting events: Hawking trays are commonly used at sporting events such as baseball games, football games, and basketball games.
    Amusement parks: Hawking trays can be used at amusement parks to sell food and drinks to park visitors.
  • Concerts: Hawking trays can be used at concerts to sell food and drinks to concertgoers.
  • Fairs and festivals: Hawking trays can be used at fairs and festivals to sell food, drinks, and souvenirs.
  • Carnivals: Hawking trays can be used at carnivals to sell food, drinks, and games.
  • “Looking for a portable catering hawker tray that is perfect for your next event? Look no further than our high-quality hawker trays!
  • Our trays are designed to be lightweight and easy to carry, making them perfect for any event.
  • Whether you’re selling food, drinks, or souvenirs, our hawker trays are the perfect solution.
  • With our trays, you can easily move around the event and sell your products to customers without any hassle.
  • So why wait? Order your portable catering hawker tray today and start selling your products like a pro!”