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Hawker Tray Beverage Food

An optional event service provider money tray also speeds up the money hawker exchange process, are eye-catching, large-scale mobile digital displays with high-definition moving images and can be found at high-traffic subway and commuter rail platforms in California.
  • Identical with model BT4002, but with a depth of 39 cm.
  • Particularly suitable for cans/ PET bottles 500 ml.
  • Two outside pockets offer storage space for purses, cups, etc.
Station Videos are mainly found at train stations. The commercials with hinged cover removable, viewing cover for advertising inserts. Food catering attract a lot of attention - and locally or across USA.
  • We design special models of the XL hawker tray model to meet your requirements.
  • Find various attractive possibilities to instrumentalize the mobile goods display in commercial use.
Lightweight, rugged design. Digital Rocketacks tray posters and boards are the modern, illuminated mix of billboard, POS Kommunikation and smart device, advertising around the clock! Up to 10kg load capacity Soult Lake City.

Designed with an ergonomically adjustable strap, the hawker tray allows the salesperson to efficiently serve the customer and present the product at the point of sale.

Digital hawker advertising at Australia's high-traffic airports Backpack Beverage Dispenser and Trays reaches well over 100 million people annually.
  • Insulated Hawker Tray is suitable for a wide range of applications.
  • High-quality materials and workmanship ensure stability and durability.  
Rocketpacks advertise in close proximity to passengers. Posting flyers and brochures in the specially designed Mobile Catering hawker tray Studio holders increases interaction & attention in Johannesburg.
  • Removable lift-up lid, shoulder belt system with adjustable shoulder pad in the back crosswise, ensure highest wearing comfort.
  • With two side pockets outside for service accessories or money poach.  
Placed directly at the point of sale, the supermarket beer festival positively influences your target group at the moment of the purchase decision.
Adjustable straps allow you to introduce your emblem to capacity clients and go away with an enduring impression.
  • Looking for a handy and affordable way to cut through the noise and permit your clients to strive for your merchandise?
  • Whether or not it’s stadiu,m sales, corporate occasions, in-store product sampling, or guerrilla advertising and marketing, our premium nice and customizable sampling trays.

Hawker Tray - Hawking Tray

The hawking tray system for up to 28 cups (0,50l). The multifunctional vendor's tray is deliverable in three levels.
Whether in waiting rooms, at events, or in the bakery next door, your ice cream consumption desire customers will be targeted to you with our customized digital media

Hawker Tray Rocketpacks

On the other hand, personal tray selling is relatively time-consuming, requires trained personnel and is therefore relatively expensive. In addition, success depends to a significant extent on the particular salesperson (although salesperson performance can be measured and, if necessary, improved through training). The hawker salesperson can also be a bottleneck (imagine a salesperson and 60 waiting customers in a New York candy store - impersonal sales forms such as an online store or self-service store, on the other hand, can be absorbed at will).
  • With its optional styles, the XL truck tarpaulin model is a real eye-catcher in catering, at trade fairs, or in the catering industry.  
  •  Width: 40 cm Depth: 39 cm Height: 31 cm Weight: 2.8 kg  
  • Inclusive: 4-er room divider, flexibly applicable.
  • Hawker tray optional for article BT4003.
  • Half-round, 15-hole insert for the stabilization of cans, bottles, jars, etc. hole punching diameter 70 mm, height 50 mm
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    We specialize in the hospitality industry, offering professional but affordable belly stores that are suitable for both large and small businesses.