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As an innovative Rocketpacks sales system, you are a sales guarantor in numerous activities. Bus and rail transportation media are used by millions of people across America every day. Places are linked by predefined routes and in the inner city area countless buses and streetcars bustle about in.
  • Use for our Vendor tray?
  • Trade fairs, promotion events, numerous indoor and outdoor sports events, concerts in and outdoor, theatre, amusement parks, winter sports Regions, lakes and outdoor swimming pools, street festivals, gastronomy, and much more.
Another advantage of unconventional guerrilla marketing is its low financial outlay. As imaginative as On Street advertising Rocketpacks Beverage Dispenser Backpack and tray campaigns are, they are also often inexpensive. Posters, billboards, flyers or balloons are within most budgets and, in combination with fresh or cheeky ideas, promise great visibility as well as a high number of advertising contacts.
  • Our customers?
  • They are to be found in the food and beverage industry, catering, advertising sector, and the private sector and the company foundation.
So it is not surprising that the guerrilla marketing is often used for actions of marketing integration small and medium-sized businesses. With a high input of creativity and intellect and a low input of money, you draw the attention of the crowds to yourself and your company.
Poster advertising is the classic of outdoor advertising. Whether huge advertising with bellytray space or illuminated eye-catcher: attention-grabbing posters make your campaign successful!

We offer a wide range of portable sales and promotion Bellytrays.

Vendor's Tray Sign

With mobile hawker tray transport media you will achieve great reach & attention on the road. Get your marketing rolling with bus, cab, streetcar or truck!

With our mobile Vendor Bellytrays, you can serve your customers anywhere and anytime.

Use your marketing with digital media anytime and anywhere. Infoscreens, digital posters & Co. Rocketpack's human-to-human marketing increases your reach and success with precise targeting.
  • Be it in the stadium, at festivals, or significant events.
  • You reach your customers everywhere.
Stay in the minds of your target group. Appealing spots in image and sound hit your event marketing beer backpack viewers and listeners exactly within their area of interest.
  • From the beginning?
  • The founder of the company worked on worldwide contacts and high-quality products.
Thanks to Rocketpack's coffee hawking trays display banners, digital business directories, social media & Co., you can reach your target group online and always up-to-date and hit the nerve of the time.

Since then, Rocket Packs backpack drink dispenser and vendor´s tray has developed into a global company.

Tray poster advertising is the popular classic of outdoor advertising. Attract the Backpack Drink Dispenser attention of your target group with unique posters, posters & co.

The first business relations have been maintained until today.  

Whether it's a major event or rocketpacks usherette tray brand Marketingintegration advertising, a billboard is the ideal medium for your advertising message.

From their headquarters in Frankfurt am Main, they supply their customers worldwide with their own sales organization.  

Illuminated Branding Display!

Supply us your individual design!

Everyone accepts Free Coffee!

The design possibilities of your advertising range from the useful, such as saddle protectors, to the creative, such as DoorFlower, mobile advertising or guerrilla marketing, to everyday objects.

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  • Airport
  • Shopping Mail
  • Amusement Park
  • Railways Station
  • Downtown
  • Sport Events
  • Open Air
  • Holiday Site
  • Beach
  • Parks
  • Trade Fair
  • Street Marketing
In addition to the advertising possibilities of On Street Marketing listed so far, many other measures exist. Cold Beverage Dispensing Backpacks! Individual special implementations for ambient media are also possible with us without any problems. Contact us, we will be happy to advise you on your On Street Marketing.

at collection  milk and sugar....Sales Talk - Contract - Brochure

  • Insurance
  • Political Election
  • Credit Card
  • Mobil Phone
  • Red Cross
  • Subscription
  • Costumer Service
  • Army
  • Food
  • Beverages
  • Traveling
  • Donation
  • New Event
  • Sign Collection
  • Coupons
  • New Car
  • Image Campaigns
  • Church
  • Ticket Selling
  • Lottery
  • Store Marketing
  • Sampling
  • Cosmetic
  • Survey
Enchanting Beverage Sampling with Vendor Tray at Disneyland
  • A team of professional ambassadors of your brand, engaging consumers where they live, work, play, and shop, creating lasting connections and turning tryers into buyers. 
  • Street  bellytray Teams are a great way to engage your brand’s target consumers face-to-face! 
  • But creating a professional, engaging, and successful street team activation takes planning and management.
Targeted use of sales promotion: Every customer ticks differently, who doesn't know that. Pressing the right buttons in the marketing mix is therefore not always easy and represents a real challenge. Whether B2B or B2C, targeted sales promotions help boost sales, establish the brand or expand the customer base. Whatever you want right now. With the Rocketpacks bellytray right strategy, you can be completely selective in your focus and initiate really effective promotions. We present you the three types of sales promotion - quasi as a tool for your next conception to really save time. Rather invest your time in creative and sustainable concepts in Nevada.
  • Be it a hot product or a cold one, an Ice Cream Vendor Tray will help you keep your product's temperature unchanged. 
  • This vendor tray has double-wall insulation, which works wonderfully when it comes to keeping the ice cream products.

Vendor Tray: Rocketpacks

Vendor Tray Signage space: The perfect advertising presentation and guaranteed high attention is guaranteed by the adaptable advertising surface on the vendor tray’s front
From backpacks for beverage distribution to pipe racks, we offer a range of creative solutions that promote the customer's approach to the public to mobile units.
MegaLight vending tray's posters and billboards are also called CityLight Boards and attract the attention of your desired customers at a height of 3 meters.
  • Belly tray can be like a little shop to sell ice creams and drinks
  •  Food Rocketpacks makes every brand an eye-catcher.
  • Rocket Packs stands today for high quality, unique products, and innovation by their refined products.
  • Also, the product range offers beverage backpacks, belly trays, and beer/beverage towers a high-quality selection of event and promotion articles.
A fully branded unit maximizes the visual impact of your product.
Type of sales promotion: trade promotions: The target group is clear: retailers. This type of Rocketpacks sales promotion is primarily intended to convince retailers that much more can be achieved together. Manufacturers want to sell and so do retailers as an intermediate level. So it's all about pulling together and inspiring the end customers. Ideally, this should be done completely so that they want to purchase the object of their desire straight away. But before this can happen, the retail partner must first be brought on board with good arguments. Possible trade promotions are in Montreal particularly attention-grabbing secondary placements or sales aids such as brochures and catalogs that the manufacturer makes available to the trade. The key point is always first to get retailers excited about the company's message and ultimately to encourage them to implement it together at the point of sale.
  • Rocket Packs stands today for high quality, unique products, and innovation by their refined products.
  • Transportation more?
  • Stress Less!
  • Our vendor trays are grand for a reason.
  • Actor's line from the made-to-measure insert resolutions, our superior hawking trays handle so much.
  • 20 kg to be right.
A mobile beverage hawking tray is a hands-free, lightweight, and durable tray that is used to transport and sell beverages.
  • It is typically made of plastic or metal and has a capacity of 24 to 32 cans or bottles.
  • The tray has a shoulder harness that allows the vendor to carry it comfortably while moving around.
  • Some trays also have wheels for added mobility.
  • Mobile beverage hawking trays are commonly used at stadiums, arenas, and other large venues where there is a lot of foot traffic.
  • They are also used by concession stands and food trucks to sell beverages to customers on the go.
  • Here are some of the benefits of using a mobile beverage hawking tray:
  • It allows vendors to sell beverages hands-free, which frees up their hands to interact with customers.
  • It is lightweight and portable, making it easy to transport and maneuver.
  • It has a large capacity, so vendors can carry a lot of beverages at once.
  • It is durable and can withstand the rigors of everyday use.
  • It is a cost-effective way to sell beverages.
It is a versatile and durable tool that can help you increase your sales and profits.
  • If you are looking for a way to sell beverages more efficiently and effectively, then a mobile beverage hawking tray is a great option.
  • The size and weight of the tray.
  • The materials that the tray is made of.
  • The capacity of the tray.
  • The features of the tray, such as a shoulder harness, wheels, or insulation.
  • The warranty that is offered on the tray.
  • The price of the tray.
getränkerucksack lager

Business with Bellytrays booming!

During the hawker tray conception we not only find the optimal action like tastings, hard selling, but we also take care of the perfect placement, the fulfillment of all security aspects, the deployment of personnel as well as accommodation and reliable logistics with 100% availability of goods and value protection.

Ditch the Juggle, Catch a Win with Belly Trays at the Ballpark!

Tired of balancing your nachos, beer, and phone during that epic home run derby?  

We've all been there. But what if there was a way to enjoy all the ballpark fun without the spillage struggles?

Enter the Belly Tray!  This ingenious stadium accessory is a game-changer for baseball fans.  

It attaches securely to your belt or waistband, creating a stable platform for all your favorite ballpark treats and drinks.

Here's why Belly Trays are the MVP of your next stadium visit:

Hands-Free Happiness! Belly Trays free up your hands for cheering, high-fiving, and catching foul balls (go for it!).

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No More Spills! ‍♀️ Say goodbye to soggy nachos and lukewarm beer. 

Belly Trays keep your food and drinks secure, even during the most exciting plays.

Stadium Snacks Stay Put!  Belly Trays come in a variety of sizes to accommodate all your ballpark cravings, from hotdogs to popcorn.

Multitasking Made Easy! Keep your phone within reach for those must-capture moments without juggling your food and drinks.

Comfy & Convenient! Belly Trays are lightweight and comfortable to wear for the entire game.

Belly Trays are more than just a convenient accessory – they're a symbol of die-hard fandom!  

Show your team spirit with fun Belly Tray designs that rep your favorite colors and logos.

#LevelUp your next game experience with a Belly Tray!  Order yours today and enjoy the ballpark like never before! 

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