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Vendor`s Tray Rocket packs

  • Bellytray
  • Rectangular model with insulation for various small articles from the food or non-food sector. 
  • Vendor`s Tray
  • Our Tray, in the new and attractive appearance, offers the wearer the highest wearing comfort.
  • Ice Cream Bag
  • With our Ice-Cream-Bag, you will erect your customers consistently and everywhere.

​​​​Illuminated Branding Display!

Supply us your individual design!

Type of sales promotion: Consumer promotions: A campaign was successful if the consumer could be convinced. And as often as possible. This is exactly what the heads of many marketing managers are smoking for day after day. Sales promotions aimed at consumers often take place at the price level. Special offers, discounts for regular customers, attractive competitions - all these measures can be classified as consumer promotions. But sales promotions in Las Vegas also take place beyond the bare figures. Sometimes it's classics like product samples that excite consumers and, in the best case scenario, encourage them to reorder. In any case, long-term customer loyalty is of course always the goal, and this is just as important to the marketing manager with his customers as it is to the confectionery manufacturer from the neighboring town. Not all of them have mastered the supreme discipline by a long shot. With targeted and, above all, well thought-out promotions, you can make the difference. Free customer magazines, for example, are not only informative, but also one of the best advertising platforms directly to the Rocketpacks target group.
  • Distribution Bellytray?
  • We have a portable beverage distribution service!
  • Personalized Vendor´s Tray with a flake dispenser and refueling support allow operating in any place and serving in the best conditions and any liquid product.
  • Usherette Tray
  • We create and implement communication campaigns and strategies, actions of environmental awareness, and educational materials according to the priorities and interests of each client.
Our ice cream advertising includes, for example, the large-scale posters in highly frequented places, back-lit advertising boards such as the Rocketpacks and the n with changing and rotating poster motifs or the whole thing in the moving image as a video wall. In the cosmos of outdoor advertising (out-of-home), there are, of course, many more advertising media for you to find out about. In addition, there is also the possibility of scoring points with customers, employees and co. with posters in indoor advertising. We are asked again and again whether we can design posters - yes gladly, please contact us!

In addition to creating and implementing actions, we accompany the evolution of the whole process step by step, thus guaranteeing good results and the satisfaction of each client.

For the best portable advertising effect, combine two or more media of indoor and outdoor advertising in the so-called easily and with our help - contact us!
  1. Equipment?
  2. We have a service of Hawker Trays equipment that serves as a support to our other services.
A rocketpack is skimmed in seconds, then a decision is made whether the information is relevant to us. Our perception works for the most part unconsciously. In the professional Cold Drink Backpack complete solution design, less is more in any case, to 55% perceive works via visual signals.
  • Events Assistanc?
  • With Rocketpacks everyone is served because we bring the bar closer to the people.
  • Type of sales promotion: Field service promotions: At first glance, this type of sales promotion is not quite clear. After all, the field sales force is part of the Michigan team and should inevitably be involved in both sales promotions for retailers and those for consumers. In principle, this is true, but a look behind the scenes into the gears of good marketing can't hurt here either. Field sales promotions are aimed at the company's own sales force and get them in shape to play skillfully with the marketing mix. This level of sales promotion includes classic training courses for field sales staff as well as attractive bonuses. All of this is based on the premise that the end result should be the best possible sales figures, a first-class brand image and binding customer loyalty. A small competition or an appreciative bonus system can certainly play its part. And nothing stands in the way of the Rocketpacks Hawker tray. Three simple ways and numerous, suitable ways to implement sales promotion for different target groups.
  • The vendor's tray, therefore, serves two purposes that no Rocketpack should be without:
  • Amusement and refueling.
  • The best Bellytray brands in the best events?

    In the last four years, Rocketpacks has worked with catering companies in more than 1,100 events throughout the country.
  • Because with every product sold, you also get a shot or two of booze.
  • On top of that, the Rocketpacks cash register is filled up a bit for the evening, which ultimately benefits everyone later on.
  • A Bellytray billboard needs only four - five components with a strong visual language, including web address or logo. A maximum of seven (better only five) crisp keywords as a text message, with positive connotations if possible. Best if they represent a current advantage for us: Tip of the week, try now ... High-contrast colors make advertising lively, radiate power, are present.
    Rocketpacks is a company specialized in marketing and the design of actions and materials for environmental awareness.