Made in Germany by Rocketpacks

Vendor`s Tray Rocket packs

  • Bellytray
  • Rectangular model with insulation for various small articles from the food or non-food sector. 
  • Vendor`s Tray
  • Our Tray, in the new and attractive appearance, offers the wearer the highest wearing comfort.
  • Ice Cream Bag
  • With our Ice-Cream-Bag, you will erect your customers consistently and everywhere.
  • Distribution Bellytray?
  • We have a portable beverage distribution service!
  • Personalized Vendor Trays with a flake dispenser and refueling support allow operating in any place and serving in the best conditions and any liquid product.
  • Rocketpacks is a company specialized in marketing and the design of actions and materials for environmental awareness.
  • Usherette Tray
  • We create and implement communication campaigns and strategies, actions of environmental awareness, and educational materials according to the priorities and interests of each client.
Distrubuting of icecream from the vendor tray

In addition to creating and implementing actions, we accompany the evolution of the whole process step by step, thus guaranteeing good results and the satisfaction of each client.

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  1. Equipment?
  2. We have a service of Hawker Trays equipment that serves as a support to our other services.
  3. From backpacks for beverage distribution to pipe racks, we offer a range of creative solutions that promote the customer's approach to the public to mobile units.
  4. Events Assistance?
  5.   With Rocketpacks, everyone is served because we bring the bar closer to the people.
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  • Events Assistanc?
  • With Rocketpacks everyone is served because we bring the bar closer to the people.
  • Hotdog hawking

    The best Bellytray brands in the best events?

    In the last four years, Rocketpacks has worked with catering companies in more than 1,100 events throughout the country.