Made in Germany by Rocketpacks

Vendor Tray`s

With this small Vendor tray`s, employees in bars, stadiums or catering can sell chilled drinks cans and bottles as well as snacks far away from the bar or counter.

No location commitment - This means that the peak business hours at different locations can be optimally utilised.

Wide carrying straps in the back and adjustable shoulder pads ensure optimal carrying comfort. Easy to put on and take off with clip straps.

Suitable for snacks, drinks and ice cream products as well as smaller non-food products. Ideal for bus, train, ship and aircraft catering.

Foil pockets for advertising inserts on the front and hinged lid ensure high advertising effectiveness. Semicircular shape, thermo-insulated with removable hinged lid. Vendor tray`s Developed 1998 by Rocket Packs! Due to the semicircular nature of the material, overfilled areas are also connected. Versatility in use!

Flap for insertion of a flagpole provides additional advertising possibilities;

BT4002 - Vendor Tray On Board

  • Insulated Vendor Tray is suitable for a wide range of applications.
  • High-quality materials and workmanship ensure stability and durability.
  • Removable lift-up lid, shoulder belt system whit adjustable shoulder pad in the back crosswise, ensure highest wearing comfort.
  • whit two side pockets outside for service accessories or  money poach.  
  • Front and lid (inside) can be decorated advertising  purpose. When used the Tray whit lid, also suitable for distribution of Ice  Cream products.


Product Features / Technical Data

Material: Truck Tarpaulin (641 COMPLAN Original)

Standard Color: Silver (special colors possible from quantity of 50 pieces)

Tray Dimension: H 20 x W 39 x D 39 cm

Advertising Surface (front): H 13 x W 69 cm

Advertising Surface (lid): H 12 x W 31 cm

Weight (unfilled): 2,2 Kg

Net Volume: 25 Liter

Optional accessory: Promotion Flag incl. telescope stick

Equipment whit inlay (room separator)          

15-hole insert                                                      

Promotion Flag whit telescope stick  


Vendor Tray

By the narrow construction, you can reach your customers everywhere. Our Vendor Tray is made of high-quality textile and thermo-insulating materials.  The BT4002 On Board convinces by its modern appearance and a high load capacity!

Vendor`s Tray