Made in Germany by Rocketpacks

Rocketpacks Belly Tray Flag

Flexible flag with foldable aluminium pole, approx. 140 cm high.

2-sided DIN A4 foil pockets for exchangeable advertising messages.

Framed with reflective light strip. Significantly increases the visibility of your products in mobile sales.

These are products developed and manufactured by Rocket Packs Getränke Rucksack Systeme. Distribution exclusively via the central warehouse in Frankfurt/Main.

All our products are provided with a Rocket Packs label and can thus be distinguished from the copied offers of our former distributors. The models developed by Rocket Packs such as :

  1. Rocket Pack 11.4 L (Introduced 1996), beverage backpack for cans/bottles Twin Pack, (Introduced 1996)
  2. JuniorPack (Introduced in 1998)
  3. Rocket Pack 19 L, (Introduced 1998)
  4. Drink Pack Fun, Drink Pack Duo (Introduced in 2000)
  5. Models Half Round + Classic, (Introduced 1998)
  6. Ice belly load ice backpack: (Introduced 2005)
  7. Promo bag, poster pack
  8. Journal Pack (Introduced 2001)
  9. Rocket Tower (Launched 2004)
  10. and Laptop Supporter (Introduced 1998).