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Weatherproof foil bag in signal color? For a long time, pedestrian zones were lined with customer stoppers, billboards or traypromoters distributing flyers. Classic vending tray billboard advertising in particular was and still is an essential part of urban city centers and in some cases it is impossible to imagine the architecture of these without it. Large banners and eye-catching posters can be used in city centers to address virtually all segments of the mobile population. Whether on foot, on a bicycle, or in a car, billboard advertising stands out and is noticed. Due to the large and widespread availability of billboard advertising in public spaces, it is particularly suitable for sales-oriented and sales-promoting communication. In addition, well-implemented posters are sometimes even regarded as a creative art form in the middle of the pedestrian zone Newak.

Flexible bellytray flag with a foldable aluminum pole, approx. 140 cm high.

For some time now, a shift towards digital has also been observed in city centers, and not only with regard to outdoor advertising. Downtowns and their retailers have had to come up with something new, especially as a result. For example, many have put their offers online and introduced a vendor tray click-and-collect. Some cities have even completely digitally recreated their pedestrian zones and invite Rocketpacks shoppers to go online. Added to this is the generally continuing trend of obtaining information online about everyday life situations. The latter is also referred to as the "digital pedestrian zone." However, fewer retail-related product searches take place here, which is why many residents are rarely aware of what their own city actually has to offer. Not least due to this change, digital outdoor advertising is also booming in pedestrian zones.

2-sided DIN A4 foil pockets for exchangeable advertising messages.

Gewicht: ca. 200 g! Weight: approx. 200 g! The spread of digital outdoor advertising is creating entirely new opportunities for advertisers. Especially in city centers, the path from digital advertising to point-of-sale is rarely far. No wonder, then, that many billboards are now becoming screens. The advantage of digital outdoor advertising is also the measurement method: cell phone data, for example, can be analyzed to directly measure the success of individual campaigns. Does this mean that traditional billboards or advertising columns will disappear from pedestrian zones in the medium term? Although these advertising methods are partially and unjustifiably out of favor with many advertisers, they will continue to exist and have their justification. So how does digital hawker tray outdoor advertising now fit into the landscape of advertising media in pedestrian zones?
  • Framed with the reflective light strip.
  • Significantly increases the visibility of your products in mobile sales.
The market volume of digital outdoor advertising is also rising. In the year, digital beverage advertising media accounted for around 38 percent of total outdoor advertising. These impressive figures are expected to continue this year. According to the latest figures, digital out-of-home advertising managed to grow by around 76 percent year-on-year in the historically slow month of January. The big driver of this growth was digital city light posters , which have a market share of 50 percent within beverage tray outdoor advertising.
  • These products developed and manufactured by Rocket Packs Backpack Drink Dispensers.
  • Distribution exclusively via the central warehouse in Frankfurt/Main.
  • All our products are provided with a Rocket Packs label and can thus be distinguished from the copied offers of our former distributors.
  • The models were developed by Rocket Packs.

Rocketpacks Backpack Drink Dispensers?

  • Of course, we also produce beach flags for all common beach flag poles on the market!
  • Just ask us.
  • With Rocketpacks tray's, entrepreneurs can efficiently advertise in addition to the classic marketing concepts: Despite low budgets, a creative and unusual idea can reach a large number of potential customers. In this way, one stands out through competition and at the same time uses the press and social media as a free multiplier.
    1. Bellytray flag double-sided?
    2. The system is based on the system of vendor tray flag and there is an identical larger.
    3. The stability has increased significantly and the new system, in combination with the higher number of foot options, is more versatile.
  • Please pay attention to the new product sheets!
  • The advantages at a glance are as follows: 
  • Flexible as per needs.
  • More stable system
  • Provides quick assembling
  • Easily transportable
  • Has a large advertising space
  • Washable
  • Double sided support for flags and adverts
  • Cost effective and affordable
  • Double sided bellytray flags?

  • To create the print file, you can find our ready-made graphic templates in PDF format in the download area.
  • In the double-sided version, two fabric prints are sewn together with a blockout separating layer, a printed mast channel is not possible here.
  • Promotional flags and beach flags can be a refreshing alternative for traditional advertising media for trade shows and events as well as for the belly tray.
  • We offer professional service, support, fair prices, and quantity discounts.
  • Sales promotion can be directed at different target groups. Depending on the Rocketpacks target group, a distinction is made between trade- and consumer-oriented instruments, whereby a distinction is made between trade-oriented trade promotions and consumer-oriented trade and consumer promotions. Trade promotions are when a manufacturer targets the retail trade. The aim is to use certain instruments, such as advertising subsidies, discounts or the provision of displays, to encourage retailers to undertake retailer promotions. This gives the retailer the opportunity to pass on the discounts to end consumers, for example in the form of special offers. Retailer promotions also include, for example, secondary placements, handouts, inserts and advertisements. Coventry Consumer promotions are promotions in which the manufacturer addresses the consumer directly. Examples of these are sweepstakes, vendor tray product giveaways and product samples. Although retailer promotions are also consumer-oriented promotions, the manufacturer only indirectly influences which of its products are supported - for example, in the course of a special offer campaign - as part of the annual negotiations with retailers on terms and conditions.
  • There are now more sizes available.
  • The prices in the price list have become significantly cheaper.
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    Practical Features for Maximum Impact 🌟

    Our flags come with features designed to make your promotions more effective:

    Lightweight Design: Easy to carry and move around, ensuring comfort for your staff. 🚶‍♀️

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    Weather-Resistant: Designed to withstand the elements, so your promotion remains effective in any weather. ☔☀️

    Versatile Use: Easily attachable to different types of belly trays for versatile use in various settings. 🛠️

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