Almost nothing is actually expressly permitted. Advertising may only be placed on designated areas for a fee; everything else requires a permit. This also applies in principle to all street paintings, objects and notes in public spaces as well as usherette tray campaigns.

Laptop bag for the transport and support of laptops from 13 to 19 inches. Convertible into a mobile work edition for inventory or photo shooting.

The LaptopSupporter bag is ideally suited for the work requirements of today. In almost every industry, electronic devices such as notebook and Co. are indispensable and can no longer be imagined without.

Mobile work surface and bag for notebooks, trays & laptops up to 18" as well as for various other electronic devices that require a mobile operation.

They can be adapted in a variety of ways to promote your brand. For example, it doesn't go down well if many people in a region have lost their jobs and a traycampaign has "time off from work" as its theme. Or if something is advertised in a region with a poor beverage infrastructure that most people there cannot afford. There is in Manchester also little applause for taking up a topic that has already been present for weeks.

The side of the lid that is folded forward has a foil pocket (H30 x W34 cm) on the inside that can be used for storing documents or as advertising space.

That is both functional and stylish ?knitting sounds appropriate! These are those knitted or even crocheted wool borders on street lamps or bicycle racks. It could be a drinks creation fun idea to place them at regular intervals as signposts to a store - if it's a wool or sustainable fashion store.

Laptop Supporter - 2 in 1 Model Mobile Workstation and Case for Notebooks/Laptops - Item No.: LS9101

Whether you need one unit for in-store product sampling tray or thousands of fully branded trays for use in product sales at festival grounds and stadiums, we deliver - and quickly.

The film pouch on the inside of the lid can be used for advertising purposes.

Rocket Packs notebook ventriloquists are a walking and talking billboard and have excellent visibility, great consumer impact and high recognition.
  • Wide shoulder straps, running crosswise in the back, ensure optimum handling.
  • The hands are free to operate the device or take notes.
An event has its fixed date, and all other actions should also be limited in time. Even a funny idea becomes boring if you always have it in mind. That is why tension field from the brand Live Campaign includes a schedule for preparation, which precisely defines the end.
  1. Areas of application for LaptopSupporterBag?
  2. Data acquisition at service providers (inventory, electricity, gas, water reading); 
  3. Advertising industry (PowerPoint presentation, data acquisition, evaluation).
The funniest street campaign will go nowhere in marketing terms if you don't consciously keep it alive. You shouldn't rely on word-of-mouth to work on its own. Take photos and videos and post them on your homepage and social media. Think about hangers-on and how you can revive the topic there at regular intervals. trays for Corporate Events!
  • Article-No.: LS9101
  • Dimensions: L 40 x D 39/35.5 x H 9 cm
  • Color: Silver/Black Mix
  • Material truck tarpaulin fabric
  • Weight (without unit): 1,6 Kg
  • Foil bag for advertising insert: H 30 x W 34 cm
Have your employees post on appropriate forums about your Rocketpacks marketing or hire outsiders to do it. This all needs to get underway as soon as possible after the event or promotion. By taking it to the online world, you prolong the impact of your action. Find out what people think about it and, if it's a big success, plan a Call To Action sequel that you can announce and support, in Tampa.
  • Press (interviews, surveys)?
  • (stock-taking, creation of shopping lists, etc.);
  • Trade fair exhibitions (creating orders, product presentation for customers); 

Bellytray Vendor Tray?

  • Election campaign (outdoor activities, statistics) Market research ( data acquisition, evaluation, )
  • Laptop Belly Tray