Made in Germany by Rocketpacks

Sampling Tray

Sampling Tray for the sale or distribution of cigarettes, shampoos, handkerchiefs, and other test products.

We have been active in the Point of the Sales industry for more than 25 years.

No space is required, the goods are presented to the customer in an appealing and organized manner.

Makes it imaginable to work on the simple style the demonstration of food and beverages attractive.

  • Thanks to our production-friendly design and our dedicated team, we can produce large quantities in just a few days.  
  • Sampling  Tray 
  • We can also offer discounted bulk orders for the sampling tray (please contact us for more).
  • Without difficulty and efficaciously deliver beverages throughout your stadium with this stadium insulated drink provider with a hole insert! 
  • This insulated drink service is designed to keep cups at a time within its tough foam insert.  
  • An antimicrobial liner capabilities a seamless layout to save your beverages from seeping thru whilst facilitating quick cleanup. 
  • At the equal time, an adjustable neck strap offers the most suitable top for consumer consolation.  
  • The advanced-grade, tear-resistant vinyl cloth is guaranteed to face up to the abuses of day-by-day use. 
  • Under the lining, multilayered insulation keeps beverages cold for preserved product fine.

Rocketpacks Sampling tray?