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Sales is the heart of your business. In our training sessions, we teach you strength and give you new techniques for Rocketpacks Bauchladen acquiring new customers
A strategy that suits you, that can be implemented easily and quickly; marketing concepts for your drink dispenser backpack and tray success - we advise you on this. Openly, clearly and completely bluntly.

I would like to sell coffee with hot milk in the mornings in the companies and beer and Coca-Cola with the same rocketpacks backpack drink dispenser teams.

Sales promotion is the term used to describe all measures that are intended to increase the customer's incentive to buy and thus increase sales. These are usually campaigns with a time limit. This makes sense, for example, after the launch of a new product, as customers first have to hear about it before they even decide to buy it. In comparison to usual advertising in Memphis measures, which normally strengthen sales in the medium and long term, here communicative (catalogs, events, flyers, displays, etc.) and price (2 for 1 promotions, discounts, assumption of costs, etc.) measures are aimed at short-term sales. We are in sales promotion in the Rocketpacks marketing mix in the area of communication policy. Sales promotion can be directed to different economic entities. A distinction is made between belly tray trade-directed promotion, consumer-directed promotion and sales force promotion.
  • With this beverage backpack, the mobile vendor pressurizes the reservoir via a hand pump.
  • Around the backpack, we have provided space to visualize your branding (2 x (22 x 38.5 cm) and 1 x (30 x 51 cm)).
  • To make it even more eye-catching, the backpack has been customized with a flag.
  • At events and festivals, you can reach your customers in an exuberant mood and draw attention to your beverage brand in an environment that is as unusual as it is unforgettable. With the right advertising materials, you present your company as part of a positively associated experience and your customers will keep you in good memory. But how can your festival marketing be convincing and what needs to be considered so that festival advertising brings the desired success?
    1. Backpack beverage dispensig system from Rocketpack?
    2. Since 2020, we have been the established mobile catering company in the event industry.
    3. Whether renting, selling, or catering packages, we are the experts when it comes to beverage backpacks.
    After the festival is before the festival: The organizers and their media partners start preparing for the next festival at the latest as soon as the last visitors have left the grounds. And you also benefit from early planning. The advantage of festival marketing: The authenticity of a beer backpack company and the credibility of a brand gain impact through the positive, relaxed atmosphere in the music environment. A festival thus offers you the ideal stage to credibly communicate your brand's message and thus increase customer loyalty in the long term. Let your promotional items become part of the visitors' "personal festival story": This way, your company will also be remembered.
    In the case of trade promotions, the manufacturer addresses the retailer. Together, they launch a promotion at the point of sale (POS), i.e. practically in the retailer's store. In this way, retailers are encouraged to expand their assortment with the manufacturer's products or to increase order quantities. However, there is still no link between producer/retailer and consumer! The easiest way to understand promotions is by an example: You are the marketing manager of an energy drink company that has launched a new flavor with Rocketpacks in Santa Monica. But lately, sales have been limited, so you decide to launch sales promotions.
  • Backpacks can be customized with a safety message and advertising for your company.
  • A personalized flag provides additional visibility.
  • Looking to purchase a backpack? 
  • Click here for a Beverage backpack - 11-liter container 
  • With a little creativity, you can reach many representatives of your core target group at a festival, placing your brand in a young and positive environment in the process. The first step in successful festival marketing is choosing the right festival for your business: Don't just consider the well-known major musical events for this: film festivals, jazz festivals, medieval meetings, literature readings, comic and gaming festivals, classic car shows, trucker meetings or food festivals can also be suitable for your festival marketing - depending entirely on which setting is suitable for your brand. At special interest events, you can address regional or very narrow target groups that are difficult to reach via classic (mass) media. As an advertiser, you benefit from extremely low wastage, provided you have selected the right festival. For companies in the food industry, for example, food festivals are the ideal advertising environment, while providers of magazines on medieval history are better off at medieval festivals.
    Whether your campaign is convincing depends largely on whether festival visitors associate your brand with positive experiences. Therefore, develop a Rocketpacks strategy on how festival visitors can emotionally relate to your brand, company or product. This way, you will not only be perceived as an drink backpack and bellytray advertiser, but also as part of a positive festival experience. Also, make sure that your campaign works and appeals on hot summer days as well as in the rain: weatherproof materials are therefore particularly important for your festival advertising in Soult Lake City.
    Whether national festival giants or local events: No festival without sponsors. After all, a large part of the costs incurred are covered by sponsorship income. Festival organizers often work with Rocketpacks sponsorship packages of varying sizes. In this context, it's best to think carefully about the budget you want to allocate for festival sponsorship. After all, there should still be enough funds left over for your promotional items. The smaller festival sponsorship packages include, for example, a "Pilsner tray On-The-Ground" partnership. With this, for example, you pay a booth rental fee and draw attention to yourself at your booth, but you are not explicitly listed as a festival sponsor. However, with smart booth design and investment in high-quality advertising materials, even such small sponsorship packages can make a big difference.
    1. Distribution Rocketpacks tray´s and Backpack?
    2. Do you want to use Beverage backpacks regularly?
    3. it is often interesting to buy one.
    4. Depending on the product, there are different models to buy.
    5. As a caterer, you are exactly at the right address.
    An eye-catching and high-quality looking stand will ensure that you attract the attention of visitors to the festival site: design a pavilion or a portable exhibition counter, for example, and attract attention with attractively printed Rocketpacks displays or beach flags. Be sure to design your stand in your own corporate design: this way, your festival advertising will also make the logo and typical company colors memorable. Using the hawking tray at you can easily integrate your images and graphics in advertising materials and design the same. For example, design your own deck chairs with a company logo and invite exhausted festival guests to relax at your stand: relaxing sunbathing is sure to be remembered positively by festival visitors. By the way, with a pavilion this also works in bad weather: A dry spot offers a welcome opportunity to relax.
    • You can choose to have this model with or without a cooling cylinder.
    • At the bottom of the Rocketpacks getränke rucksack we have provided space to visualize your branding (14.5 x 33 cm).

    Alcohol: To answer this question, you don't have to have a diplom!

    • Make your brand visible in a unique way with beverage backpacks. 
    • We can fully customize beverage backpacks to fit your brand or campaign. 
    • Make your brand strong with our help.

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    These are the classics among the contents of the hawker's tray:
  • We do your catering!
  • Mobile catering package
  • With the beverage backpacks, you can serve all kinds of beverages on the go. 
  • Advantages and disadvantages? After explaining the different types of sales promotion, let's finish with the advantages and disadvantages. The advantages include first and foremost the short-term increase in sales, which is also the main goal of Rocketpacks sales promotion. But the various measures are also automatically accompanied by long-term image improvement, which converts first-time buyers into repeat customers. In addition, consumers get to know selected products in a targeted manner. As a disadvantage, one could mention hawker tray consumers who buy many special packs at once and thus do not need any more later and inhibit sales. At the same time, San Antonio customers' expectations also increase. For example, they might get used to the lower price level after a special price.

    Enchanting Beverage Sampling with Vendor Tray at Disneyland

    Immerse yourself in a magical beverage sampling experience with our vendor tray at Disneyland. 

    Taste a variety of delightful drinks while exploring the wonders of the park. Explore more now!

    1. Whimsical Flavors: From whimsical mocktails to refreshing fruit blends, our vendor tray offers a magical array of beverages that align with Disneyland's enchanting atmosphere.

    2. Seamless Exploration: Sample a variety of drinks as you explore the park's wonders, ensuring you stay refreshed and energized throughout your magical journey.

    3. Stylish Service: Our vendor tray adds a touch of elegance to your Disneyland experience, allowing you to enjoy beverages in style while surrounded by the park's iconic settings.

    4. Interactive Experience: Engage in delightful conversations as you sample beverages, connecting with fellow visitors and sharing the joy of Disneyland.

    5. Picture-Perfect Moments: Capture enchanting memories as you indulge in flavorful sips from our vendor tray, creating unforgettable moments at the happiest place on earth.

    6. Tailored Tasting: Personalize your beverage sampling vendor tray adventure by selecting from a variety of drinks that resonate with your taste preferences.

    Discover the Magic in Every Sip

    • Castle Courtyard Delights: Savor beverages from our vendor tray as you admire the majestic Cinderella Castle, turning a simple sip into a magical memory.

    • Attraction Break: Take a moment to refresh with a beverage sampling stop during your exploration of Disneyland's thrilling attractions.

    • Parade Enjoyment: Enhance your parade viewing experience with a flavorful beverage in hand, adding an extra layer of enjoyment to the festive atmosphere.

    • Character Meetups: Share a drink from our vendor tray with beloved Disney characters, making your interactions even more memorable.

    1. Includes a practical bag and drink holder.
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    3. staff
    4.  cups
    5.  bows
    6.  cooling
    7. Brand Activation