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What should be put in the vendor's tray?

When it comes to the question of what belongs in the hawker's tray, there are no limits to the imagination. In principle, anything that can be sold and transported easily can go in. These are the classics among the contents of the hawker's tray:

Alcohol: To answer this question, you don't have to have a diploma. Just think about where your bachelor party will take place and who your target group is. In most cases, your customers will probably be light to heavily alcoholised men. And what does this demanding clientele want? Exactly, more alcohol! The trade with alcohol should be your core business, so put a lot of it in your vendor's tray.

Sweets: As the old adage goes: Eat all the time. So make sure you put something edible in the hawker's tray, preferably sweets of course. There is a reason why you can find sweets at almost every cash register. A chocolate bar, a lollipop or a roll of chewy sweets always works. Therefore, something sweet should not be missing in the hawker's tray. But make sure that the sweets are all individually wrapped.

Condoms: Condoms are an absolute must in the hawker's tray. Buy a few unusual models in the drugstore: with nubs, flavor or XXL. And always encourage your Bachelorette to sell them profitably.

Lighters: Cheap lighters always work well. Even if most smokers have one with them, you know that sooner or later you'll need a new one anyway. These should therefore be easy to sell. Easy to plug in, useful and reasonably priced - one or the other should definitely be persuaded to buy one.

What do I have to consider when filling?

There are two important points you should keep in mind when buying goods for the hawker's tray. The contents should be cheap to buy, because you want to make a good profit. So do it the way merchants have done it for centuries: Buy cheaply in bulk and then sell the whole thing at a profit in small quantities to the end consumer. A bulk package of chocolate bars and then sell them individually at double the price. Buy a liter bottle of alcohol at a discount store and then sell it in small portions to thirsty customers.

Tip: Alcohol in disposable syringes goes down very well with men and is lighter in weight than alcohol in small glass bottles. Which brings us to the second point - weight. Do your bachelor girl a favor and make sure that the hawker's tray is not too heavy. Your arms have to carry the hawker's tray with its contents (which hopefully will disappear as fast as possible) around for a few hours. The bride to be should enjoy her Bachelorette party and not torture herself with back pain.

And then my tip for the hawker's tray: Self-prepared. Cakes, muffins, cookies - perfect for the hen party. A few eggs, flour, sugar and butter, the ingredients don't cost the earth. So you have a pretty big profit margin. If you decorate the little works of art nicely, the customers will tear them out of your hands. And don't forget to bake and decorate together can be a very funny way to start your hen party. If you can't do without the alcohol component even when making your own food, here's an insider tip: nodding vodka. Jello with a good shot of vodka. Looks funny, doesn't cost much and really packs a punch. The Nodding Vodka can be filled into disposable syringes or urine cups. The recipe for the Wackel-Wodka can be found here.

What should the vendor's tray look like and where can I get one?

Real hawker's trays are usually made of wood or plastic and therefore expensive. For a one-time use at a stag party such a professional vendor's tray is actually too expensive. You shouldn't forget that the hawker's tray is relatively large and unwieldy. Therefore you should decide for a cheap variant. Either make your own hawker's tray from a shoe box or simply buy a cardboard hawker's tray. This is much lighter than a model made of wood or plastic. On the other hand, you can simply throw it away when the busy bride has sold all the contents, because neither the bride nor you will want to stand on the dance floor with the bulky thing. And from my own experience I can say that most clubs don't like it if you show up there with a vendor's tray.