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We are only 10 minutes to Frankfurt Airport

  • In principle, anything that can be sold and transported easily can go in. 
  • These are the classics among the contents of the hawker's tray:
    1. Backpack beverage dispensig system from Rocketpack?
    2.  Since 2020, we have been the established mobile catering company in the event industry.
    3. Whether renting, selling or a catering package, we are the experts when it comes to beverage backpacks.
    4. Backpacks can be customized with a safety message and advertising for your company.
    5. A personalized flag provides additional visibility.
    6.  Looking to purchase a backpack? Click here for a
    7. Beverage backpack - 11 liter container 
    • Includes a practical bag and cup holder?
    • Could This Report Be The Definitive Answer To Your BEER ROCKETPACKS?
    • Mobile Beer Backpack beer dispenser for marketing
    • With this beverage backpack, the mobile vendor pressurizes the reservoir via a hand pump.
    • Around the backpack we have provided space to visualize your branding (2 x (22 x 38.5 cm) and 1 x (30 x 51 cm)).
    • To make it even more eye-catching, the backpack has been customized with a flag.
    1. Distribution Rocketpacks?
    2. Do you want to use hydration backpacks regularly?
    3. Then it is often interesting to buy one.
    4. Depending on the product, there are different models to buy.
    5. As a caterer you are exactly at the right address.
    6. We do your catering!
    7. Mobile catering package
    8. With the beverage backpacks you can serve all kinds of beverages on the go. 
    9. Increase the quality of your event by bringing the drinks to your visitors.
    10. We supply a complete package with mobile dispensing equipment.
    11. - Beverage backpacks
    1. - Beverage 
    2. - staff 
    3. - cups 
    4. - bows
    5. - cooling
    6. Brand Activation

    Alcohol: To answer this question, you don't have to have a diplom!

    • Make your brand visible in a unique way with beverage backpacks. 
    • We can fully customize beverage backpacks to fit your brand or campaign. 
    • Make your brand strong with our help.
    • Since 2021, we have been to numerous events with the drink backpacks.
    •  From festivals, to sporting events, to trade shows, to bike races, to the local youth movement party. 
    •  The drink backpacks can be used with our staff, our own employees or volunteers.