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The lightweight, double-layered design increases the strength of the while for strap accessories! This tray protects the seller and makes the tray more aesthetic.

Insulated ice cream cooling bag with cooling gel packs, made of truck tarpaulin with hinged lid.

nnovative solutions, creative ideas, unforgettable promotions? Even more spectacular are usually installations, which in some cases also have an entertaining character. This usually very costly form of expressing oneself, for example, in oversized objects placed on the street. For example, a vendor tray manufacturer Rocketpacks of ice cream advertised with a giant coffee popsicle lying in a puddle of water and an equally large overturned paper cup of coffee.

Hinged lid with weather protection and magnetic closure.

Adjustable harness for the convenience of the seller, space on the front panel for branding! At the same time installations do not have to be limited to the street. The stripes were painted yellow, hawking red bag with Rocketpacks logo underneath - done. An eye-catcher that is sure to whet some people's appetite for fast food.
  • Insulated ice bag with two cooling elements included.
  • Flexible 4-er chamber division inside, two side pockets outside, adjustable shoulder strap with textile protection.
We identify them for you so that you can enjoy the maximum effect and the best. The alternative terms with vendor tray marketing" and "free-rider marketing" are not very flattering, but they do get to the heart of the matter. For this form of guerrilla marketing, advertisers use a major event or a moving current issue to draw attention to their own product is therefore somewhat controversial.
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No project is like the next! Most products, from Rocketpacks standard products like mugs and pens to unusual products. It is generally notorious among the organizers of large events and companies that have signed sponsorship contracts worth millions. Offensive violations of the marketing integration of uninvolved companies are severely punished. However, resourceful minds keep discovering loopholes to profit from the glamor of the event nonetheless.


  • Vamus cooling gel element -21°C, 28x20x2 cm, 
  • Weight: 0.9 kg

Ice Cream Box

Ice Cream Box Wherever crushed ice or ice cubes are needed, ice buckets or boxes are also recommended. With their help, the ice can be transported or temporarily stored without warming up.
Request your individual best price offer right here. You can reach us by phone, by mail and of course personally. Experienced, trained advertising ladies and promoters with different industry focuses for your trade promotion. Of course, you will also receive a personal full-service offer from us upon request - with a best-price guarantee. With us, all offers are transparent and individually extendable. A comprehensive consultation is of course part of every ice hawking tray offer - just contact us - we look forward to hearing from you!
  • Ice Cream Box Features.
  • Dimensions: L 37 x W 25.5 x H 25 cm
  • Standard color: Silver - Material truck tarpaulin
  • Net useful capacity: approx. 20 litres
  • Weight (empty): 1,4 Kg - without cooling Elements
  • Weight incl. cooling elements: 3,2 Kg
  • Visible film for an advertising insert
  • Advertising space front: H 15.5 x W 33 cm
  • The better bit?
  • We’ve controlled sellers don’t feel the strain with adaptable shoulder strap. 
  • Ice Cream Bag Hawker is a unique and convenient way to enjoy delicious ice cream on the go.
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