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Inspired by the positive feedback? Everyone associated this black and white tray's detail with the World Cup. Many consumers therefore perceived rocketpacks as the official partner of the World Cup, even though it did not pay a single euro. The official partner paid millions for its sponsorship contract and did not attract any attention in this country in connection with the World Cup.

According to the vendor tray principle designed mobile edition and bag for Notebooks & Laptops.

This classic bellytray design offers a very original and high quality way to promote your products and get your customers talking.

Comfortable, ergonomically designed belt construction and ensures optimum handling.

Are we proud of it, have an easy-to-use design, However, so elegant take away is not always implemented, and here also lurk some risks. If you violate protected trademarks, it can quickly become very expensive event culinary. If you get involved in a current topic, the message should really fit in with it or offer consumers added value. This is particularly to go important when it comes to topics that are associated with fear.
  • Mobile work surface for notebooks/laptops.
  • With adjustable straps (XL version with shoulder pad and wider straps) in the back crosswise.
  • Ideal for photo shooting and inventory.
Our mobile Rocketpacks are equipped guarantee convenience and productivity for the seller. Viral marketing is also a part of and in principle a further development of referral marketing. All actions in this area have the goal of spreading virally. This still works in the old-fashioned way with portable vending tray catering concept word-of-mouth, but of course also via email, messenger services and in social media by users sharing the content with others.
  • Mobile work edition for notebooks/laptops - Item 
  • No.: LS9001
  • Dimensions: L 35 x D 35/37 x H 4 cm
  • Color: Silver-Black - Material truck tarpaulin
This tray is a real eye-catcher and an eye-catching way to make your FOOD & BEVERAGE SOLUTIONS products stand out.
  • Weight: 0,8 Kg
  • Item No.: LS9001XL
  • Dimensions: L 45 x D 40/44 x H 5 cm
  • Color: Silver-Black - Material truck tarpaulin
  •  Weight: 1,0 Kg
What is desired is the fastest possible dissemination with a high cost. This doesn't always work out, because group dynamic processes are not so easy to steer and control. The Rocketpacks campaign could simply go down and not ignite, and the content could not be passed on. That would not necessarily be the tray for laptop. If the message is received incorrectly or weaknesses become too obvious, negative comments accompany the passing on of the content.
  1. For mobile market Research
  2. Customer surveys with maximum flexibility
  3. For use at trade fairs or promotions
If the impression arises that a company is abusing certain topics for advertising purposes, exploiting helplessness or deliberately stirring up fears, it is easy for the feared to occur. On the other hand, if you give it a lot of thought in advance and work with sensitivity, you can achieve a great deal with viral Rocketpacks marketing. You just have to be aware that the targeted catering operation snowball system can work in both directions:
  • Advantages?
  • Profit from the trendy appearance of this special form of the Laptop Tray and the various application possibilities.

Mobile work edition for notebooks/laptops?

  •  Optimum weight distribution, allowing the wearer to concentrate on the task at hand.
  • Easy handling
  • Can also be used as a writing surface for completing questionnaires.
  • Suitable for almost all common laptop Formats and equipment.
  • Ergonomic  carrying strap construction that runs "crosswise" on the back
  • Made entirely  of textile in a uniform design