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Bellytray - Vendor Tray - Sampling Tray - Ice Cream Tray - Hawker Tray

  • Ice Cream Vendor´s Tray
  • Durable with insulating hinged lid and side pockets.
  • Ergonomic carrying strap and conditionally suitable for ice distribution.
  • Ice cream mobile vendor's tray

  • Vending Tray
  • For individual use, there are different model versions.
  • Rocketpacks Vendor is developed for mobile presentation systems and catering.
  • Vendor´sTray
  • Rocket packs made of truck tarpaulin are dimensionally stable and thermally insulated.
  • Bellytray
  • Whether you work for a large stadium or operate a small stand for your local school teams, Rocketpacks Classic is the best way to serve your customers.
  • Ice Cream Bag
  • Are you planning an unusual advertising campaign?
  • Would you like to present your articles at a trade fair or in the pedestrian zone in proper style?
  • Hawker´s Tray
  • Padded carrying bag with adjustable shoulder strap for notebook, tablets & laptop.
  • The transport bag can be converted into a mobile work surface in a few simple steps.
Reach your target group with relevant vendor tray messages in a familiar environment. With advertising measures in networks, you bring the right messages to the right people at the right time. Benefit from social media as a powerful sales channel in New York
  • Be it a hot product or a cold one, an Ice Cream Vendor Tray will help you keep your product's temperature unchanged. 
  • This vendor tray has double-wall insulation, which works wonderfully when it comes to keeping the ice cream products.
WHAT IS GUERRILLA MARKETING? Guerilla Marketing is a special form of Ambient Media On Street. If On Street Marketing is already unconventional, Guerilla Marketing takes it to the next level! Typical Beer Dispenser hawker tray for this form of advertising are twisted perspectives, exciting combinations of two contrary areas and the inclusion of the target group itself. Guerilla marketing works particularly well on a local level.

Aside from Ice products, you can also keep the warm products in the tray as it keeps the temperature unchanged.

  1. Ice Cream Vendor Tray?
  2. You can keep up to 29 litres of ice cream, drinks, etc., in this tray.
  3. What makes this tray better than others are its ergonomic design and the adjustable strap construction.

There are a lot of ways that you can utilize to use this excellent vendor tray. 

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You can go to the cinema, an event, or even the beach to serve your customers with this Ice Cream Vendor Tray. 

Much lighter than a model made of wood or others?

The vendor trays that come in the models crafted with easy-care plastic are the best ones. 

  • Events Assistance?
  •   With Rocketpacks, everyone is served because we bring the bar closer to the people.